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My fandom obsessions are few and far between these days but I'm currently hung up on Boardwalk Empire. It's got everything, scenery porn, historical fact mixed deftly with fiction, amazing acting and a ton of compelling characters. Not to mention more than enough gratuitous sex and violence to make me feel pretty awkward when I watch it with my mother. Oh well.

I've just finished watching season 3. (Actually I watched it twice and then skipped back through seasons 1 & 2 as well).Anyway, wow, what a rollercoaster that was. I've just about formulated some thoughts about it.... 
  • OMG. Nucky, well done turning things around in the last episode, you lost your grip on your emotions and your city for a while there but nice recovery!
     So many feels about his chara in this series, realising that like Jimmy told him, he really can't be half a gangster. He's somehow hardened up and softened at the same time - his reaction to Margaret and Owen betraying him and his need to play at happy domesticity with Billy contrasted with his ruthlessness and willingness to get his hands dirty. I can almost forgive him for the hypocrisy and the weird lapse in judgement.
  • Eli has really come full circle as a character - he's worthy of more responsibility, he's not the jealous liability he was in series 2.
  • Oh no! Arnold, I think Nucky might have just out-manoeuvred you with that distillery. Or maybe not. I hope not; despite myself I've got a bit of a thing for AR. There's just something about Michael Stuhlbarg in this role, I wish he had more scenes. I think Arnold is pushing his luck selling out Lucky like that - maybe Lucky was dumb and needed to learn his lesson but he's just going to see it as a betrayal. I love the relationship between Meyer, Lucky and AR. Like I say, needs more screen time.
  • Billy (or is it Billi?). I wasn't sure I liked her as a chara at all but looking back, she was a great device to show Nucky's need for a stabilising female influence, his need to care for/be taken care of. She's still skittish and wants her independence, he wants to be the magnanimous benign dictator. Then just as she reconciles herself to throwing in her lot with this man, she basically ends up being punished by the universe for Nucky's bad Karma. Also, that line when Eddie Cantor asks her if she's heard of Lucy Danziger - "And the next one won't have heard of you either". Was that just bitterness? I wonder how long it'll take Nuck to pick out a new showgirl to rescue?
  • Speaking of Eddie Cantor. I felt really bad for him. That was a dick move, Nucky. :(
  • Gillian, I was almost starting to feel sympathetic toward you again then you're rude to Richard and basically a terrible grandmother. You're really lost without your son or the commodore backing you up. Nice job finding Roger, though! And that scene where she's telling him about her husband and it turns out she's fantasizing that it was Jimmy. I wonder how delusional she actually is?
  • Owen! I never realised how much I'd come to like you until you turned up in a box. Nucky's reaction to Margaret's reaction. Wow. Ah well, I'm sure we all knew that wasn't going to work out.
  • Mickey Doyle, I echo Eli's question: "How the fuck are you still alive?"
  • Gyp Rossetti. :shudder: I really don't get whey everyone was willing to let him rampage about - even if he were backed by Masseria. Surely if they'd all got together and petitioned Masseria to get him under control or let someone take him out...I mean, Nucky was pushing his luck trying to get them to sort out the Rossetti problem out of warm feelings toward himself...but surely it was in their own interest. Hmm. With all the scenery chewing I thought his characterisation was a bit heavy-handed but I guess in the rather epic scheme of this series he was a good villain. Creepier than Horvitz.
  • I have a new appreciation for Al Capone. He's a mad bastard but he came through for Nucky.
  • Chalky, Chalky. Don't let Nucky brush you off. He owes you and you running a new club on the Boardwalk might distract you from meddling in your daughter's life.
  • Speaking of which, I hope Babette survived the explosion. I'm just imaging a sad singed top hat rolling out of the wreckage. :(
  • And I thought Nucky's concussion was a nice bit of Truth in Television as TV tropes calls it. Coupled with his already wonky emotional state it was compelling acting.
  • Richard! Come back!!! You noble badass, you.
  • Whatever happened to the Gypsy? Was Teddy setting the fires? What was all that weirdness about the man who used to be a rabbit or whatever? Huh?
  • Eli hiding the eggs. :)
  • Benny utterly failing to kill Rossetti. And then Rossetti utterly failing to kill Nucky and Arnold. Tch.
  • Nelson. Just...Nelson.
  • "A breadstick in a bowtie".


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