Jul. 2nd, 2013

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OK, DW... I'm looking for my next shiny new fandom. The slashier the better. :D
I don't watch much TV and when I do its usually months after all the other fans have moved on. The same with cinema. 
I download a ton of samples to my kindle but I don't fall in love with a lot of books. I haven't committed to a serialised manga for years. I kinda get the feeling there are always a bunch of exciting fandoms out there that are just passing me by. 

So...I've just had a look at BBC America's Copper. 2 episodes in and I'm not feeling it. Especially after Boardwalk & Ripper Street. Should I stick with it? 

I just re-watched the 1990's TV version of Neverwhere. Liked it - might have a go at the book, as a Gaiman noob is it a good place to start?
Lately I've just been reading science and history books. I need some fancy word craft and outlandish tales to balance all that education.

As for anime...I was into Hyakujitsu No Bara and to my eternal shame I followed Kuroshitsuji for a bit. Should I try Drrr! or Baccano again? If something doesn't make me care in the first ep I tend to get distracted...

Come on DW, it's gonna be a long wait for Thor 2 and Boardwalk Empire s4, so recc me up!


hyperconformist: black and white photo of the late klaus nomi (Default)

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